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Google referencing (SEO and SEA)

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

With around a billion websites online today, search engine optimisation is vital to ensure that potential customers and users can find your website and your offer. It is particularly important to be well-ranked – on that first page – of search engine leader, Google.

SEO becomes even more important for those companies operating in domains with a lot of established competition, to ensure your site is visible above the fray.

Indexing a website to improve these search engine rankings entails:

  • Selecting optimal keywords that will deliver good results
  • Optimising the website content (Search Engine Optimisation) before it is published online
  • Registration of your website in search engines and directories
  • Analysis of the results, follow-up and possible modifications


Google AdWords ranking (SEA or pay per click)

This involves purchasing keywords from Google for your site to appear in the form of an advertisement on the first page of search results according to the chosen keywords. We endeavor to obtain sufficient natural referencing so that our customers can avoid these expenses as far as possible.

However, paid Adwords can provide additional support for new corporate websites or for targeted marketing campaigns in highly competitive domains.