What is a CMS?

A CMS (« Content Management System ») is a tool that makes it possible to run a website. It allows the user with no technical knowledge to update their websites, working from anywhere and from any computer, using a simple login system. A large number of CMS are available, with the current trend being to use Open Source CMS.

What is a responsive website ?

A “Responsive” site is displayed optimally regardless of the size of your device (smartphone, tablet, computer…). This is called « Responsive Design ». The sites we create are always responsive.

What is hosting a website?

A website is composed of a number of computer files: images, html pages, CMS files, databases. The hosting consists of storing them on a web-based server. The site must be hosted under a chosen “domain name” (.be, .eu, .com, etc).

The process of creating of your website

It starts with this very visit to our website! You can fill out our form to get a quote or you can contact us directly by phone or e-mail. If you wish, we will meet to further discuss your requirements (in terms of site functionality, hosting, creation or modifying your logo, maintenance of the site, etc.). We provide a free estimate with no obligation on your part. After signing the estimate, we will contact you again to discuss the possibilities for the graphical design of your website. Then, we will make a number of test models that we put online and that are accessable to you. We will then meet to discuss and take into account your feedback.

After validation of the graphical design, we will develop the website, which will remain available for you to view via a temporary link. Day after day, you can see its evolution and give us your observations. Modifications are still possible at this stage without additional cost compared to the original estimate, within reasonable limits of course! Our mission is for you to be fully satisfied with the end product and to be able to work with you in confidence throughout the life of your website.

How do you go about referencing a site?

Without going into too much detail, we start by evaluating the quality of the site and its content, as well as its reputation. We identify technical defects using a number of tools. We identify the most relevant keywords to attract target users. A thorough analysis of competitors must also be carried out. The actual SEO work can now begin. We work both inside and outside the site (quality inbound links). Finally, we follow in real time the ranking of each keyword and prioritise our work.